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How would you like $500 just for listening to local radio and sharing your opinion?

MyRadioStudy.com is hired by broadcasters all around the country to help them find out what listeners really think. This is your chance to engage in an open and honest dialogue with the decision makers at leading radio stations, so make your voice heard and get rewarded!


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By participating, you'll be part of a small and very select group representing thousands of other radio listeners just like you. Best of all, you could get rewarded with $500 just for giving your opinion about what you hear on the radio. To get started, we need some basic information. We promise to safeguard your privacy, and we’ll never try to sell you anything. Your honest and unfiltered opinion is what’s important to us.

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Think about all the stations you spend time with during a typical week. Sometimes you may listen for music, other times for news, talk, weather, sports or traffic. Think about all the times you hear radio, whether the choice of station is yours or not. We want to know about your top 3 choices among all Chicago stations.

Which stations do you spend the most time with, or are your favorites.

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